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All Music Licence

All Music Licence

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licence to use ALL + upcoming music* (details listed below) by MBB as background music in web or social media videos without the need to credit the artist. 


You will receive a high quality audio files as a digital download link.


Submit your YouTube channel(s) to never get claims:


The video with licenced music can be uploaded on any social media. The license is perpetual, meaning that once purchased, the licensee can share the video using the song infinite times. The video can be monetized.


You cannot claim copyright on the music or take down other content using the same music/audio.


I will still own the copyrights to the song. You can't release the music under a different artist name, claim it to be your own original music, or use it to create new music.

ALL + upcoming music* clarification:

New MBB solo-releases marketed as "free-to-use" and

MBB — Feel It (feat. JV Saxx)
MBB — Paradise
MBB — Sunrise
MBB — Hawaii
MBB — Summer
MBB — Bora Bora
MBB — Do It
MBB — Ocean
MBB — Takeoff
MBB — Ibiza
MBB — Sax
MBB — Coconuts
MBB — Clouds
MBB — Good Vibes
MBB — Breeze
MBB — Wake Up
MBB — Palm Trees
MBB — Arrival
MBB — Feel Good
MBB — Waves
MBB — Happy
MBB — Fresh
MBB — Beach
MBB — Take It Easy
MBB — Island

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